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Institute for Professional Education 
and Innovation Support e-Coopedu

We participate in the education of the professional and lay public, the organization of events and the development of tools for user-friendly access to educational content.

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Online education & hybrid meetings

Our purpose is to spread useful and scientifically based knowledge from various professional fields. We strive to develop interactive tools and organize events that enable new knowledge to be accessed by anyone who benefits from a certain topic or needs it to perform their work.

We achieve our purpose through the implementation of various activities, such as: production of online education, construction of web portals, involvement and networking of experts from various fields, organization of online or hybrid meetings and similar events.


In order to achieve the set goals and activities, we connect with domestic and international related institutions and strive for constructive

cooperation between important stakeholders.

Opinions of participants

Chronic coronary heart disease - knowledge for everyday practice, 15.1.2021

I would commend the superbly organized meeting, which went smoothly. The lectures were interesting, the lecturers excellent. I was also impressed by the virtual environment - the illusion of a lobby with posters and “moving” through the premises - almost as if we were at a live event! The video broadcast combined with the ability to ask questions was also excellently planned.   I wish you continued successful work and I hope to meet you live at the next congress!


asist. Vida Šet, Ph.D. med.

We work with:

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