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Dear collegues,


It is my honour to announce a hybrid symposium (live and online), which will be on the 20th of April, at 3 p.m. CET entitled: CHRONIC THROMBOEMBOLIC PULMONARY HYPERTENSION: the beginnings of the Pulmonary Endarterectomy Program in University Medical Centre Ljubljana.

With this sypmosium we would like to mark the introduction of pulmonary endarterectomy(PTE) surgery program in Slovenia. 


The main lecture of the symposium will be held by dr. Choo Ng, one of the world's best PTE surgeons from Royal Papworth Hospital.


Please check the attached program, register and I hope to see as many of you as possible! After you register, you will receive the link and password to the meeting website on April 18th.

On behalf of the organizing comitee,

Polona Mlakar, MD, PhD       


Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension(CTEPH) is a rare complication after acute pulmonary embolism(or only existing of risk factors for VTE), which has a very poor prognosis if left untreated. Advanced treatment modalities have significantly improved the prognosis. For a long time, patients had been successfully treated in our tertiary centre for pulmonary hypertension at the Department of Pulmonary Diseases and Allergy in collaboration with other experts within our institution and also from abroad. This includes: surgery - pulmonary endarterectomy as the first line treatment, for inoperable patients we consider the introduction of specific drugs to prevent the progression of the disease and balloon dilatation of the pulmonary arteries.  Until the COVID19 pandemic, pulmonary endarterectomy was performed for Slovenian patients at the AKH Vienna, where we had an excellent collaboration with Prof. Walter Klepetko and Prof. Irene Lang, who also performs balloon dilatations of the pulmonary arteries for our patients. 

As the availability of surgery during and after the COVID pandemic became significantly limited, we seeked for options to introduce the surgical procedure - pulmonary endarterectomy in our institution. The initiator was assoc. prof. Juš Kšela, and we accepted his initiative with open arms for the benefit of Slovenian patients. We were supported by colleagues from the Royal Papworth Hospital NHS, Cambridge, United Kingdom, which is one of the leading institutions for the performance of pulmonary endarterectomy (it is one of the so-called "BIG FOUR" leading institutions in the world) - colleagues from the AKH Vienna also learnt this procedure from them. The fact that it was realized "surgically" quickly and efficiently is marked by the timeline, since the first discussions in March last year, the whole multidisciplinary team had already been trained in September 2022 at the Royal Papworth Hospital NHS, Cambridge, United Kingdom, and the first pulmonary endarterectomy was successfully performed in December 2022 under the careful supervision of dr. Choo Yen Ng, leading pulmonary endarterectomy surgeon. Dr. Ng was impressed by the teamwork and collaboration of our entire multidisciplinary team and firmly believes that we can become one of the excellent centres to provide this procedure for the wider region.



 Thank you for the registration! 


We have sent a confirmation of your registration and more details regarding your participation in the symposium to your e-mail address.

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Welcoming address /

prof. Zlatko Fras, MD, PhD, the Managing Director at the Division of Internal Medicine, University Medical Centre Ljubljana


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

MONS after MONS 2021| 17:00

NOAK, Antiaggregation, Treatment of arterial hypertension

Thursday, January 13, 2022

MONS before MONS 2022 | 17:00– 19:30


Moderator:Miha Šušteršič and Luka Lipar

Friday, January 14, 2022

Exhibition of openings| 13:40-15:30

New AHA-ACC guidelines for chest pain/Matjaž Bunc

Mechanisms of action of SGLT2, Inclisirana, PCSK-9, ARNI, vercigvata /Andraž Cerar

"Mons after Mons" Higlights: SGLT-2, Inclisar

High sensitivity ECG  /Miha Šusteršič

Coronary sinus flow restrictor - CFR /Miha Mrak

Infections and the heart /Janez Tomažič

15:30-15:45  INTRODUCTION | Patient with stable coronary disease: Treatment trends /Matjaž Bunc

Symposium I | 15:45-17:15 


Moderator:Mišo Šabovič and Zlatko Fras

ESC 2021 Highlights: Limiting the risk of AS

Effects of statins, ezetimibe, PCSK9 inhibitors, included / Zlatko Fras

Overview of antidiabetic therapy, new drugs and clinical indications /Aleš Skvarča

Antithrombotic therapy / Gregor Tratar

Renal denervation (RDN), arterial hypertension  / Dragan Kovačić

Optimal clinical practice - patient case /Miran Šebeštjen and Borut Jug

Questions and discussionMišo Šabovič in Zlatko Fras

17:15-17:20  A break

Symposium II | 17:20-18:20 


Moderators:  Boris Krajačič, Simon Terseglav

Polypragmasy / Matej Marinšek

Measures in case of deterioration of kidney function / Jernej Pajek

Interactions between cardiac drugs, pollution and CVD diseases /Miran Brvar

Young people for young people: Polypragmatism Miha Šusteršič

Questions and discussionBoris Krajačič, Simon Terseglav

18:20-18:35 A break

Symposium III| 18:35-19:50


Moderator:Matjaž Bunc and Miha Čerček

INOCA diagnostics (non-invasive INOCA diagnostics) /Borut Drnovšek

Nucleotide tests /Luka Ležaic

The role of CTA of the coronary arteries and MR of the heart /Tomaž Podlesnikar

Pulmonary hypertension / Polona Mlakar

Covid and the cardiovascular system  / Gradecki outlet

Acute consequences of Covid-19 on the heart: UKC Lj / Andreja Černa Čerček

Questions and discussion /Matjaž Bunc and Miha Čerček

19:50-19:55 A break

Round table | 19:55-20:40


Moderator:  Igor E. Bergant


Genetic diagnostics, genetic treatment /Borut Štrukelj, Borut Peterlin, Robert Zorec 

Closing of the meeting and summary








Introduction: Chronic thromboembolic hypertension in Covid and post-Covid era in Slovenia / Barbara Salobir, MD, PHD, Dept. for pulmonary diseases and allergies, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia

Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension-current management /

Choo Yen Ng, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS, Cambridge, United Kingdom

First experience from University Medical Centre Ljubljana: from internist's point of view /

Polona Mlakar, MD, PhD, Dept. for pulmonary diseases and allergies, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia

First experience from University Medical Centre Ljubljana: from anesthesiologist's point of view /

Valentina Butkovič, MD, Dept. for anaesthesiology and surgical intensive care, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia

First experience from University Medical Centre Ljubljana: from cardiovascular surgeon's point of view / Juš Kšela, MD, PhD, Dept. for cardiovascular surgery, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia

Round table with discussion /

All participants

Closing remarks / Matevž Harlander, MD, PhD, Dept. for pulmonary diseases and allergies, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia


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