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2nd Matevževi dnevi: 
Treatment of injuries and diseases of the shoulder and knee joint

Wednesday. October 5 at 1:00 p.m

(5 credits)


Dear colleagues!

You may remember the symposium that took place on 15.4. 2021, where we talked about the issue of the lumbar spine. We called the symposium "Prvi Matevževi dnevi" and at that time a little more than 550 listeners attended the meeting. At the end of the symposium, I promised that Matevževi dnevi would become an annual fixture. And since we are trying to remember dr. To keep the memory of Matevž Gorenšek alive, I cordially invite you again to the 2nd Matevževi dnevi, which will take place on October 5, 2022 online, starting at 1:00 p.m.


This time the topic will be the shoulder and knee joint with the title: "Treatment of injuries and diseases of the shoulder and knee joint." The knee and shoulder joint are one of the most stressed and exposed joints in our body. They perform many functions and, in view of this, are often subject to injuries and other medical conditions. The problem is extensive and your clinics and ours are quite busy with this type of pathology.

The symposium will be led by dr. Bogdan Ambrožič, who is one of the leading experts in this field. Other top experts from Slovenia and two lecturers from abroad will also participate.

In the hope that we will see as many as possible at the symposium, perhaps even more than last year, I greet you very warmly.

Good luck!





Dr. Robert Košak, medical doctor, 

specialist orthopedist, professional director MD Medicina

In memory Matevžu Gorenšek, specialist in orthopaedic surgery.


Dr. Robert Košak, dr. med., 

specialist ortoped, strokovni direktor MD Medicina

V spomin Matevžu Gorenšku, specialistu ortopedske kirurgije.


You can register for the symposium via the link belowformor write to us at the


The link to the online lecture hall and the password will be sent to all registrants to their e-mail address on Monday the 3rd.10. Upon completion of the meeting, participants will receive a receipt for the acquisition5 credit points in accordance with the Medical Licensing Regulations.



Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Registration of participants | 13:00-14:30 

14:30-14:40  Introductory greeting / Robert Košak

14:40-14:50  Introductory address and program presentation /  Bogdan Ambrožič

First part | 14:50-17:00 

SHOULDER JOINT| Moderator:Klemen Stražar, Bogdan Ambrožič

14:50-15:05  Anatomy of the shoulder joint - international lecturer /Murat Bozkurt(Turkey)

15:05-15:15  Clinical examination and diagnostic investigation methods/ Urban Brulc

15:1515:25  Treatment of instability of the shoulder joint / Ambrožič Bogdan

15:25-15:35  Treatment of rotator cuff injuries /Klemen Stražar

15:35-15:45  Treatment of AC joint injuries /Ladislav Kovačič

15:45- 16:00  Discussion

16:00-16:10  Treatment of calcinates and adhesive capsulitis - international lecturer /Emilio Lopez Vidriero(Spain)

16:10-16:20  Shoulder joint wear treatmentDavid Martinčič

16:2016:30  Shoulder joint emergencies / Blaž Mavčič

16:30-16:40  Anesthesia and postoperative analgesia /Mile Knežević

16:40- 16:50  The role of the physiatrist in the treatment of diseases and injuries of the shoulder joint /Katarina Cunder

16:50- 17:00  Discussion

17:00-17:15 A pause

Second part | 17:15-20:00 

KNEE JOINT | Moderator:Matej Drobnič, Bogdan Ambrožič

17:15-17:30  Anatomy of the knee joint - international lecturer /Murat Bozkurt(Turkey)

17:30-17:40  Clinical examination and diagnostic investigation methods Urban Brulc

17:4017:50 Treatment of meniscus injuries - international lecturer /Emilio Lopez Vidriero(Spain)

17:50-18:00  Treatment of anterior cruciate ligament injuries /Klemen Stražar

18:00- 18:10  Treatment of posterior cruciate ligament injuries /Bogdan Ambrožič

18:10- 18:30  Discussion

18:30-18:40  Treatment of injuries and diseases of the articular cartilage in the knee /Matej Drobnič

18:40-18:50Treatment of Patellofemoral InstabilityOskar Zupanc

18:5019:00 Arthroplasty of the knee joint /Dear Dolinar

19:00-19:10  Knee emergencies /David Martinčič

19:10- 19:20  Anesthesia and postoperative analgesia /Minca Voje

19:20- 19:30  Rehabilitation after knee joint surgery /Kristina Zavodnik

19:30-20:00  Discussion

20:00-20:10  Closing speech / Robert Košak, Bogdan Ambrožič


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