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Welcome to USEMUAH, the groundbreaking beauty app revolutionising the way makeup artists, fashion designers, hairstylists, and nail experts connect with clients. Imagine a platform where your creativity becomes a canvas, your skills are showcased, and your expertise is just a few clicks away.

Join us on Kickstarter and be a part of bringing our vision to life! Your support will make a world of difference. Don't forget to check out the UseMuah app for beauty professionals and enthusiasts on Kickstarter!


In our colourful world of beauty, fashion, and style, we've gathered a team of professionals who not only excel in their craft but also have a knack for humor and fun. Picture this: a runway where makeup artists, stylists, and fashion gurus strut their stuff, showcasing their talent and creativity. 

USEMUAH isn't just an app; it's a seamless connection platform where beauty aficionados like you can effortlessly present your work, share your talents, and connect with clients in a matter of moments. Whether you're seeking the perfect makeup artist for a special occasion or a skilled fashion designer to bring your vision to life, USEMUAH makes it possible with unparalleled ease and convenience.

Introducing Lina, our dynamic Chief Operating Officer (COO) at USEMUAH. 

With her strategic vision and operational expertise, Lina oversees the day-to-day management of our app, ensuring seamless functionality and exceptional user experiences. From spearheading development initiatives to addressing customer needs with precision and care, Lina is dedicated to propelling USEMUAH to new heights of success. Join us as we embark on this journey of beauty innovation, led by the unparalleled leadership of Lina, our COO.

Benefits for the users:

  • Access to a global network of world-renowned beauty professionals and mentors.

  • Exclusive packages featuring designs by acclaimed beauty and fashion artists.

  • Opportunities for aspiring beauty artists to showcase their talent and gain recognition on a global stage.

  • A supportive community where members receive constructive feedback and guidance to enhance their skills.

  • Cutting-edge technology that simplifies the booking process for clients and artists alike, ensuring seamless experiences.

  • Regular workshops and mentorship sessions led by industry experts to foster continuous learning and growth.

  • Exciting rewards and incentives for both clients and artists, including access to exclusive deals and prizes.

  • A platform that celebrates diversity, creativity, and innovation in the beauty industry, empowering individuals to express their unique styles confidently.

  • Availability of world-renowned beauty artists for customers worldwide, ensuring top-tier

  •  services and expertise are accessible to all.

What set us apart from other beauty apps 

Curated Selection:

UseMuah features a curated selection of artists who are picked by a fashion committee, ensuring high-quality and diverse talent on the platform.

Personalised Recommendations:

UseMuah provides personalised recommendations based on user preferences and requirements, helping users find the perfect artist for their specific style and preferences.

Efficient Account Creation:

Once accepted, artists receive prompt notification of their approval within a week and have their accounts promptly created, allowing them immediate access to the platform and its resources.

Quality Assurance:

UseMuah prioritises quality and professionalism, offering users peace of mind knowing that they're booking from a pool of vetted and approved artists.

Usemuah-logo 2_1080x.png
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